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No Eunuch's Here! A Jack/Will and/or Johnny/Orlando Slash Community

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for fans of Jack Sparrow/Will Turner Slash, AND/OR Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom Slash.

-Open Mind
-800x600 Resolution
-FULL SCREEN (F11): For best viewing
-Love for Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
-Love for Slash

-No community advertising, unless it's for another SLASH community, and contains Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Jack Sparrow or Will Turner. If not, don't bother posting it, 'cause your post WILL get deleted.

-No bashing other members. If you don't like something that a member says or does, please don't start a fight. Inform one of the Mods to assist you.

-No off-topic posts. This means that each topic must refer to the 'fantasic four' in some way.

-DON'T POST JUST TO SAY YOU'RE A NEW MEMBER. Posts like those are usually very annoying and take up space. If you DO post just to introduce yourself, it'll be deleted, 'cause that means you didn't read the rules.

-Have common sense. If you stumbled upon this community by mistake, and DON'T agree with it's content, then DON'T make comments, telling us how gross or wrong it is. Anyone who does so will be BANNED.

What is allowed:
-Pics (They don't have to be slashy, just as long as they're on topic)
-Manips (Always goo ^_^)
-Icons (Same goes for Icons as Pics)
-Stories (Slash is good. Mpreg is accepted as well as fic where there's Johnny/Jack or Orlando/Will. NO HET FICS.)
-Information reguarding Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom, EXCEPT info about their girlfriends/families. What purpose would this community have if their girlfriends/families were involed? ;)
-Anything else you can think of that would be a good addition to this community. ^_^