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Archive Needs Your Help!

I am posting here as a desperate woman... I need you all to be my eyes and ears for a few minutes because I just don't have the time to comb the internet anymore.

After a year of abandonment, the fanfic archive site "Boys In Chains" has been taken over by new management. In addition to transferring stories from the old server to the new, the site is also in need of new fiction and artwork. If you have written, or know of a piece which you think is on the higher end of the quality scale and it would fit in with the theme of the archive, please either e-mail me at jrmclemons@cfl.rr.com or leave a comment here.

If you are submitting one of your own stories, it would be greatly appreciated if you could mail it in php format if you can, or in a notepad/wordpad file with html formatting if you can't. It isn't necessary to do so, but as the lovely gal who gets to format all these, I would be highly appreciative. If you are submitting a recommendation, please provide a LINK to the story in question (and be sure that the author's e-mail address is available via that link).

The current categories are: Tie Me Up (BDSM) Fic, SlaveFic, PrisonFic, WhoreFic, HaremFic, GladiatorFic, and HierarchicalFic (other Master/Servant). Darkfiction which does not fall under one of these categories will be accepted and accessible by author and title, but obviously not in the category listings.

Smut is encouraged, but not required. I believe the decision has been made to leave the site slash-only, however. (Which means het is allowed. It just can't be the main pairing.) The matter of RPS has not yet been decided, but I will accept stories and recommendations for that as well. If it is decided that they cannot be used, I will send a letter of apology. (And if nothing else, I'll have some wonderful dark new RPS to read.)

Artwork which corresponds to any story being archived on the site is acceptable, regardless of its content. Artwork which is not attached to a story must remain within the "Boys in Chains" theme (which often includes, though does not mandate, the use of actual chains). Fanart and original work are both acceptable, and I have been expressly told by the new site manager that she is not opposed to expanding beyond the realm of humanity.

Ahem... and I quote: "And I'm a *huge* fantasy critter fan, so don't think that sticking to human boys is necessary"

This is an awfully big undertaking for a very small group of people, and we need all the help we can get. Please take a few minutes to think about where you've seen your favorite "Boys in Chains" type story and send it along.

Despite its year of inactivity, the website does have a large and loyal following. It's a great chance for a lot of you darkfic writers out there to pick up some new readership. And spread the word. Pass along my e-mail address, or if you have further questions, contact me via chat. All my chat info is listed on my LJ biopage.

Note to the POTC writers: This archive has been abandoned for over a year... meaning there is not a single POTC story on there. But I begged the webmistress to create a fandom category for it and she obliged me. Now I have GOT to make sure it gets filled. I know there's enough POTC darkfic out there to do it! ESPECIALLY PrisonerFic! Please help me find it! Likewise to the LOTR authors... LOTR had a grand total of TWO stories up in the original archive. TWO. Let's justify giving it its own fandom listing instead of just grouping it in with "Miscellaneous," shall we?

Thanks so very very much in advance for all your help. You people are all wonderful, and I am so grateful for your taking a few minutes to help me out with this.


Crossposted everywhere (and my apologies to everyone who got this 20 times).
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